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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Football (2nd Edition)
by Joe Theismann, Brian Tarcy (Paperback - June 2001)

Must reading is Joe Theismann’s “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Football Like A Pro. The ESPN commentator is witty and insightful in most of his comments. There’s nobody better in summing up the plight of any team in football.

One of the many qualities that impressed me so much with Brian Tarcy was his ability to capture my words and thought process and transform them so efficiently into print. Another critical point which I consider to be very important was Brian’s ability to work under deadline … He is bright, adaptive and very creative in his writing skills. Anyone who may have the opportunity to work with him would consider the experience to be a major plus in the presentation of the work. -Joe Theismann, Super Bowl Quarterback, football analyst, Author

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Play Golf Forever : Treating Low Back Pain and Improving Your Golf Swing Through Fitness -- by Michael Jaffe, D.O., with Brian Tarcy and Ron Brizzie, D.O.

"This book is the easiest to understand of all the exercise books I've seen. The concepts are clear and the illustrated exercises make it fool proof for me."
--AJ Bonar, PGA/LPGA teaching pro, Contributing Instruction Editor to Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated and Golf Tips

"This informative book is a must for physicians and golfers alike. This book stresses the important of biomechanics for a good golf swing to prevent injury, and the treatment of injury thereafter."
--Brian Davis, MD, Director Sports and Spine Center, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of California at Davis Medical Center

"The public needs a book like this! Information explaining the mechanisms of back pain combined with a modern rehabilitative approach through core strengthening is something I can recommend to all of my patients. I cannot believe something like this has not come out sooner."
--Joseph Salama, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Baseball for Everybody: Tom Glavine's Guide to America's Game
by Tom Glavine, Brian Tarcy (Paperback - April 1999)

This book is so complete it should be a handbook for those of us who cover games for a living.” -USA TODAY-

Brian Tarcy is an outstanding writer who completes a job on time and with a minimum of fanfare … When writing a book there are several deadlines to be met, taking into consideration publishing dates, etc. With Brian, this was never a concern. I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of his work, with his knowledge of the game of baseball and his professionalism. -Tom Glavine, baseball pitcher, Author

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Hockey for Everybody: Cam Neely's Guide to the Red-Hot Game on Ice
by Cam Neely, Brian Tarcy (Paperback - October 1998)

The Neely-Tarcy venture is a fun read, a cross between ‘Hockey for Dummies’ and ‘One Man’s View from the Top of the Iceberg.’

It details every conceivable facet of the game, including strategies … Reading the book, you can’t help but wonder if coaching is in Neely’s future at some point down the road.

Brian Tarcy is an extremely professional individual. His work ethic is exemplary, demonstrated not only through his dedication, efficiency and punctuality but his personable character. Brian fostered a comfortable working atmosphere, making him a pleasure to work with. -Cam Neely, Hockey Hall of Fame, Author

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Gold Medal Ice Hockey for Women and Girls
by Tricia Dunn, Brian Tarcy (Hardcover - January 1999)

It introduces the basics of the game to novices. Boys new to the sport would benefit as well as girls … The book also provides many pointers to experienced players.”

Although he was fairly new to the sport of women’s hockey he was very interested in learning about the sport … Brian was the one who brought up the right questions in order to get us talking about the proper topics for the book as well. He was also very easy to talk to, easy to get along with and willing to arrange meetings that were convenient for everyone. -Katie King & Tricia Dunn, Members Of The 1998 US Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Team, Authors

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Mario Lemieux (Ice Hockey Legends)
by Brian Tarcy (Library Binding - October 1997)

I wrote this children's biography of Mario Lemieux without ever talking to Mario. It is based on research.

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