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My background is in journalism.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and for the first six years of my career I was a journalist on Cape Cod. First, I covered small-town New England government such as the planning board, selectmen and town meeting. It was fascinating to watch the machinations of government work.

At the same time I began writing features and investigative pieces while I also wrote a humor column for the Cape Cod Times for a half a decade.

In the late 1980s, I began freelancing and I wrote stories for Boston Magazine, Boston Business Magazine, Teaching Tolerance and many others.

In 1991, I collaborated on my first book, "The Adventure Of Leadership" by Hap Klopp, the founder of The North Face. That book has been re-published two times since then. I have since collaborated on many books, including books with professional athletes, business leaders and doctors.

I have helped budding novelists turn a dream into a manuscripts.

I have also helped write private memoirs - including for a man who wanted his incredible life story preserved for his children and grandchildren. This was among the more enjoyable projects I have ever worked on... even though only about 50 copies were printed.

I recently launched a PR sidebar business - BT Communications. I have an example on this site of what I can offer for PR writing. In addition, I have written a couple of speeches, including for an "A" list professional athlete. And I have written a white paper for Jeff Taylor, the founder of Monster.com

The coolest thing I do is collaborate with local sixth graders each year on an 80-minute radio mystery play - "Lunchroom Radio Mystery Theater" - that is performed and recorded, with real professional sound effects, with the funding of NPR. It's a lot of fun and the kids are really smart. I always learn from them.

Speaking of fun, I am the founder of WhatZgonnahappen.com - a satiric website featuring NFL predictions mixed with politics. I am also the creator of Freecheezeburgerz.com - a mostly satiric, sometimes serious website about, well, anything. I have a cheeseburger flag.

I am the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide To NASCAR." Prior to starting the book, I was a football and baseball fan. I can learn about anything and I try my best to always be open-minded. And yes, that means I now love NASCAR!

I was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio. I currently live in Falmouth, Massachusetts.